Bible Notes

Chapter By Chapter Summary of The Bible

Do you want to know what's in The Bible?
Find yourself saying, "It's too hard to understand."
Just can’t find the time to read it?

Testimonials say,
"This book is so easy to read and understand!"
"I've been looking for a book like this all my life!"

This book has what you are looking for:
• Biblical teachings about how one should live
• Comprehensive summary of each chapter of The Bible
• Skills and practical advice on dealing with various situations
• Realistic instructions on peaceful living
• Verses that offer comfort and encouragement
• Insightful advice on communication and relationships
• Consequences of inappropriate behaviors and unhealthy choices
• Commonly quoted verses and frequently used phrases
 Patricia L. Burke, DCH
Dr. Patricia Burke believes that people who desire to read and understand the contents of the Bible can use her book to make that a reality. Her hope is that her book will be helpful in guiding readers to live a more satisfying and spiritual life.

She says, “Blessings to all those who embark on this journey".

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